Cars usually face issues like excessive smoke, increased fuel consumption, and reduced performance due to worn out engine parts. To add more, time and cost involved in replacing the faulty engine is unreasonable. The engine issue can be affordable when it undergoes a periodic full diagnostic check. We at Autokompany offers full engine diagnostic check at your doorstep for all type of cars. We are committed to improve the planet by helping cars to reduce pollution, and one way we do it is by offering diagnostic check at your doorstep.

We offer simple yet unique mechanical solutions for cars allowing the treatment within the timeline and ensure your car has a healthy engine.

A timely diagnosed and maintained engine, not only stays healthy for long, but also increases the value of your car. If you witness any default in your car engine, just type the engine diagnostic test near me and you will find Autokompany as the top result.

Since, we don't have a physical garage, you don't have to drive to us, but our certified team will visit your place and do the diagnosis. We are focused to offer quality service and help your car to stay healthy for long.

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