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No one likes too much heat, neither does your car. Overheating can do potential damage to your car and your safety. Once you notice that your car is overheating, look forward to observing the possible causes. You should never ignore this issue because you might end up paying more for repairing. When the engine is hot and still running, it can be more damaging for the car.

Here, we've listed few reasons why cars do overheat:

Coolant is Low

It seems your coolant is too low and it is not able to regulate the temperature. The function of the coolant is to absorb the heat from outside. If the volume of coolant is low, it won't do its job properly. It is better to use the correct coolant. The engine coolant should be a 50/50 mix of distilled water and coolant.

Engine Oil is Low

When was the last time when you got your engine oil changed? Probably, your car is overheating again and again due to this. The car engine oil reduces after each use, one needs to get it filled. Even when the engine oil has not finished, you should get it changed if it is sitting in the engine for long. The fresh oil will keep the parts of your engine lubricated and maintain the temperature.

Bad Thermostat

Ensure that the thermostat of your car is working well and not malfunctioning. The thermostat of the car is responsible for regulating the amount of coolant flowing through the engine. Also, when the thermostat gets stuck in one position, the coolant cannot flow and this is one of the common reasons your car is overheating.

Blocked Hoses

Blocked hoses mean some dirt or sediment has entered into your car's coolant. This blocks the flow of coolant fluid, the temperature of your car can rise. The idea should be to flush and refill the coolant tank again.

Pump malfunction

If your car pump has any issue, the car would tend to overheat again and again. When the water pump has leakage or blockage, the coolant does not get circulated well. Also, if the water pump belt is broken, it cannot regulate the volume of coolant flow and this is also one of the reasons for car overheating.

You should treat your car's overheating issue promptly otherwise it can be a costly affair. The above mentioned are the commons reasons for car overheating, but there can be other reasons too.

It is a good idea to find a good and reliable car maintenance service provider, who can assess the exact reason and repair it accordingly. At Autokompany, we provide end-to-end car maintenance and repair, deep cleaning, and sanitation at your doorstep!

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