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Covid-19 has better taught us what ‘sanitization’ means. People across the globe got accustomed to sanitize everything from their groceries and vegetables to their laptops and mobiles. With lockdown restrictions easing very now and then, people are traveling from one place to another by their cars. This brings up the discussion about the sanitization of your car. Even vehicles can get infected with the deadly virus.

Maintaining the protocols, people are traveling in their cars to avoid the further spread of covid-19. Thus, its sanitization and deep cleaning are equally important. According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should disinfect high-touch surfaces. This protocol is the best way to protect you from coronavirus. When you travel down to a place, you enter and exit at places. It is necessary to wipe down the surfaces.

The right way to sanitize your car is to choose an automobile sanitization service provider who can also deep clean your car. The proper sanitization would kill 99% of the germs and deep clean your car. The idea of getting the car sanitized is to make it germs-free. This is what we are doing at Autokompany. We are providing the car deep cleaning services in front of you.

Don’t want to step out of your home for car sanitization? The team of Autokompany will visit your place and perform the end-to-end car sanitization. It would leave your car odor-free without the usage of any toxic material. We boast of making the car clean, germ-free, and ready for a family safe drive!

The certified and tested deep cleaning service from Autokompany includes-:

  • Complete Sanitization at your doorstep
  • Interior/Exterior Surface Cleaning
  • Inside Cabin Air Quality Check

We understand that how critical it is for you to disinfect the spaces where you sit. The car should always be clean and germ-free when you sit in the car. Sanitization is not only needed in situations like a pandemic, you should go for deep cleaning of cars once in a while maintaining a basic hygiene.

Do you know that your car’s steering wheels are much more infected than a public toilet seat? No, we are not saying this. CNN travel published a study done by Expedia car Rental Company, in which they mentioned that the cup holders, seat belts, gear shift, and inside door handle have the most germs.

Now do not give a second thought about sanitizing your car. And yes, ask your friends to deep clean and sanitize their cars too to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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