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Irrespective of your geographical location, summer season can bring massive change in your car health. Vehicles too face changes according to the temperature of your location. For example, rubber bits of your car machinery may contract during the summer season. Indian summer seasons are horrific, especially in the northern and southern states. It is vital to take care of your car health during the summer season that can help in keeping its condition good and bring down the wear and tear of the same.

If you are looking forward for some essential good car health tips during the summer season, then here are few tips you can follow:

Cooling System

Most of the cars today are virtually free maintenance. However, it is quite vital during the summer season to ensure the maintenance of the car is done. During the maintenance session, make sure the cooling system is checked properly. Flush the radiator to get rid of unwanted residual matter like the metal that usually starts building over time. Almost all the latest car models come with coolant reservoir marked with the maximum level of indicators. During the regular interval in summer do keep checking the cooling system of your car.


One of the reasons why most car batteries start showing problems is the high ambient temperature. If the problem isn't treated in the initial stage then there can be a breakdown. The air conditioner keeps constantly battling from the summer heat and the blower fan working regularly affects the battery. Do a regular check of terminals and cables if there is any corrosion and get it cleaned. It is vital to handover your car to the professional car maintenance company to ensure the battery is properly checked.

Engine Oil

Engine oil, along with the cooling system plays a vital role in protecting the engine of your car. Adding top quality oil can keep the engine lubricated preventing wear and tear of parts. However, over a period of time, engine oil loses viscosity and builds up. This further affects the lubrication and the heating causes friction.


If your car is quite old then with the regular exposure to the summer heat can affect the overall paint. The shine of the car goes away. So when handing over your car for the maintenance purpose, it is best to paint it. During the paint, all the pollutants are removed with the pressure washing. Professionals will also take care of the gaps between the windscreen and the body.

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