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Car health card, which also means car insurance, is the most important thing to have. Driving a car is quite a risky thing, especially if driving in a city that is too crowded; you never know when you end up damaging your car. So it is always recommended to have a car health card or the car insurance. When you opt to buy a car it is vital to check for the car insurance that comes with the specific amount.

Let us check some of the benefits you can earn with the car health card:

It pays for the Damage

One of the best things about having the car health card is it pays for the damage. Your car may be damaged anytime, anywhere. Also the cost of the repair of the car depends on the model and brand. If the brand and model is high-end, it will certainly cost you a bomb. So it is highly advised to have a car health card with you that will cover most of the car damaged.

It Reduces Liability

Taking Third Party Liability (TPL) car insurance is quite mandatory in some countries including India. It covers your car against the legal ramifications of an accident caused. For instance, if you face with an accident that damages another person's property or injuring someone, it will help in covering all the costs. However, you need to keep certain guidelines in mind.

It pays for the Medical Expenses

When you face an accident, you will end up getting bruised or cuts. This can add up to the expenses, along with the car damage expense. Under hospitalization, this car health card will cover the medicine expenses and also your car damage expenses too.

Saves Time and Hassle

The fallout from the car accident is time-consuming. Having appropriate coverage, you are able to avoid negotiating with other drivers. Auto insurance will handle the cost of the car damage and property damage due to the same reason. Moreover, professional auto insurance will also help you against vehicle towing, repairs and covers damage happened to other drivers. Once you make a car insurance claim, half of your stress will go away and will be handled easily.


Car health card or car insurance is certainly the most vital part of investment you need to do for ensuring you don’t end up facing expenses.

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